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About Us

Modern Movement is a unique and uplifting yoga experience set in the heart of Sydney's Northern Beaches.

A collective passion for healthy living, physical exercise, the ocean and yoga provided the inspiration and backdrop behind Modern Movement. Our vision was to create a space where our members and friends can come and freely explore their limits and yoga expression while being guaranteed a good workout and sweat.

While heated Power Vinyasa Yoga or as we call it Modern Vinyasa is at the core of our practice we also understand the necessity for mindfulness and a restorative approach. As such we offer our members Yin, Foundation, Meditation and Pre-Natal yoga to help bring daily balance.

Located in beautiful Mona Vale, community is core and central to our studio. As such we work with local business wherever possible and every element of the studio has had the touch of local helping hands from the building works to the artwork to our members.

At Modern Movement we believe in a strong dynamic yoga practice, we love music, we love the beach, we love healthy living and most of all we love Yoga.


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